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"Heard melodies are sweet , but those unheard are sweeter."
John Keats

Monday, May 24, 2010

Song of the Week

This weekend I had a little family outing. It was just me and my dad along with my neighbors and some other people. We went around the countryside in Cundinamarca, which is about the greenest thing I have ever seen in my life. If you drive your car around these areas you are so surrounded by green that you feel that there is nothing like global warming in the world. So the car ride was accompanied by a great green view and music that the driver put on and my friend showed me.

The driver is my friends father and he has more than 6,000 songs in his Ipod. Sure he is a 50 year old man but he actually has a pretty good taste in music hence this weeks song. He is into alot of varied music. His daughter is my friend and she is just 11 years old, but has a very set mind on what kind of music she likes. She is really into Blink 182 and well, doesn't speak very much English. There are some Blink 182 songs that aren't part of the reportua I would want an 11 year old listening to, but who can stop her. I had to explain a very disturbing song title that the band had that my friend had no idea of the meaning of. So yeah I corrupted a little 11 year old girl on Sunday.

We might have been listening to Blink 182' s hard rock, but in the background this beautiful song started playing. I couldn't take it and pulled off the little white earphone. That's when I was introduced to "Sing" by Travis. I listened as my friend stared at me with a face that was mixed with disgust and wonder. Cant blame her, as I said she is not very open to new music. In the end her father told me the name to the song and now it is my song of the week.

Its a very calm song that has catchy lyrics. What most attracted me to paying attention to this song was the rhythm of the song because I like to think its perfect. There are just some songs in which the vocals and the instruments are completely in tune and you just cant help yourself feeling drowned by the perfect melody they create.

In one car ride I went from listening to an 11 year old's hard core playlist to a 50 year old man's calm one. And no I am not ashamed of it; I'm actually proud of my ability to expand my music horizons. So enjoy!