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"Heard melodies are sweet , but those unheard are sweeter."
John Keats

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Video

Here is the video for the single Miley released. In it we see a more mature Miley branching out and showing of her dancing skills. Not only does she dance with men but there are a few scenes where there is some girl on girl action. As I stated on my older post, she is trying to show herself in a new light that proves to all her fans, even the annoying 4 year olds, that she has moved on from being a good girl . and they should do the same.

My personal favorite outfit is the peacock feather one. She also looks super different in that part, maybe its because the makeup enhances something, or the editing of the video did something. If you look at the "birds" that suround her, she is like the only pretty one. Sucks for them I guess.
Emjpy the video!