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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Apparently Miley Can´t Be Tamed

Miley Cyrus; the eccentric one, the romantic one, the one you love to love and hate. With her short shorts, her bra showing through her shirt, and the nagging paparazzi flashing every step she takes with a blinding light that confuses her from her true path. She is just another teen Disney star heading toward oblivion in a fast changing world.

Once the sweet young girl who would carry a doll of Uncle Willy into talk shows thrilling the audience with just her presence, Miley Cyrus is growing toward womanhood. A journey that fellow stars like Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens went through with grace and poise, Miley begs to differ. Watching Miley going through hard times is a guilty pleasure we give ourselves in the dark. Her pole dancing and romances with men 5 years older than her gives us a topic with which to start conversations. But what is new with this unexpected teenager? What is our new topic of conversation?

Catching up with Miley is her true identity, the one she has been forced to change to become a star. Now, the media is following a girl who is doing what the rest of us do in a daily basis; learn who we are. Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart are fake characters. We have to understand this before we judge Miley Cyrus. Miley isn't the girl who sings songs about "hopping into planes and throwing your hands in the air", she herself has admitted to this, she is the tough chick who sings hardcore pop and prefers black over purple. Proof of this is shown in her new single titled "I Can’t Be Tamed".

"I can't be tamed, I can't be saved

I can't be blamed, I can't, can’t I can't be tamed,

I can't be changed I can't be saved, I can't be (can't be)

I can't be tamed"

These are the inspirational lyrics that make up the chorus of Cyrus’s new song. Seeing a different side to her? Don’t let it come as a shock because this is the future for her, a shallow song exploring only tribal interactions with others(ok maybe not all her songs). The song is unlike anything we have ever heard from Miley. It shows us that the image that Disney had created for her is a bit of a sham and makes us question who else will come out of the closet next.

Miley started at a young age in Disney, 11 to be precise. She got the role as Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart, playing a young pop star who leads a double life. Her career has grown from there and she herself has also grown in the public eye. What separates her from the rest of the celebrities, is the fact that they got their time to grow up and have a normal teenage life. Miley had to grow fast because of her good girl contract with Disney and now, her growing up is under a magnifying lens that the media and the public manipulate constantly.

Hearing the song is like hearing a confession. Miley co-wrote the song and I think used her life as a theme. The song isn't bad, the rhythm is actually really good but its nothing unique along side bands like Cobra Starship. Right now the glamorous life of singers is all about reinvention. If you don't have something new to put on the table, your time in the game is limited to modeling campaigns and music videos, after that you slowly fade from the minds of the public. Take all the other members of Nsync, they left while Justin Timberlake stayed.

Miley was transforming well, taking a role in the movie “The last song" and dating an actor not a model. We saw her in a happy place where she was finally showing us her true colors and being herself. Then this single was released as well as the video. Shocking us all by dancing with both men and women in the video, we see that progress has come to a halt. The streetlight in Miley´s life was yellow but by doing this huge leap into the freeway, it turned bright green. We now only see all our assumptions confirmed as she shows us that she could actually be the next Britney. Why make a huge leap when she was doing fine just taking her time to grow?

"I go through guys like money flyin' out their hands

They try to change me but they realize they can't

And every tomorrow is a day I never planned

If you're gonna be my man, understand"

See what I mean? Here she expresses that she just wants to be herself. Then there’s the whole guy like money part, which confirms her path toward Britneyhood. Like I said the rhythm of the song is great and it creates a fun party mood but its going to take some getting used to. Its just different to what we’ve heard but what she has always wanted to do. We are getting a dose of the true Miley and already there are those who can’t keep it down.

I actually don’t mind Miley but if her younger fans hear this song, she won’t be the only one hard to tame. She is creating a name for herself that isn’t followed by Mickey ears and 4 year olds. She wants to be Taylor Swift without the halo on her head, she wants to be one of the few who make it, but most importantly she wants to be herself..