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Thursday, April 29, 2010

10 Songs With the Letter U

I was just resting and relaxing watching some T.V when it hit me: Make a playlist out of a random letter! So for today I chose 10 songs that I like that start with the letter U. I don't know why I chose the letter U. Maybe it was because I was thinking about the word you but then there are lots of songs that start with the word you so I rather do it with the letter for now. So without further ado here are my 10 songs with the letter U.

  1. UtopĂ­a by Belinda

  2. Ultraviolet by The Stiff Dylan's

  3. Untouchable by Taylor Swift

  4. Una Obra de Arte by Final y Shako ft Balvin

  5. Una Cancion by Los de Adentro

  6. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

  7. U Cant Touch This by MC Hammer

  8. U and Ur Hand by Pink

  9. Una Noche en La Playa by Big Yamo

  10. Unbeautiful by Leslie Roy

These songs are completely random. I literally put U on YouTube and picked some that came out. Others were in my own music and picked them because I like them but its still a crazy remix of songs.

  1. A friend of mine showed me this song a while ago but I never really had time to listen to this song but now that I have I can´t stop. The rhythm of the song is amazing because the chorus is slow but then it speeds up in the verses. The lyrics are also pretty good. My favorite lyric part is the chorus because she talks about how she feels love but her love is about finding herself as she discovers the other person.

  2. I know I have talked about this movie like a million times, I even talked about it in my reading blog but its just so great! This song is really cool and trust me it is really catchy especially the chorus.

  3. I think I had already posted this song in another occasion but if I had to choose my favorite song that starts with the letter u it would definitely be this one. Its just so sweet and deep, very Taylor.

  4. A clean reggaeton song crosses our path again. Instead of being sexual its all about how the girl is beautiful like a painting which is a nice reference. Its all about how the guy likes the girl for different things, even though they mention her body alot.

  5. I hadn't heard this song in years! The great thing about this song is that its the type of song you can stop listening to but then you go back to and captures you completely again. Its just so beautiful and so many artist have covered it but Los de Adentro are definitely the best. The singers voice is just so beautiful and deep.

  6. Do you need a song to get your spirits up? This is definitely it! Its all about being unique and being your own person and finding out who you are. Its all about the journey you take in life and how to enjoy every moment in it. It reminds you that your life is your own and that you make your own destiny.

  7. This is one of the first YouTube video to pop up under the letter U. When I was in middle school,the computer lab teacher would always play this song while we worked. The beat is great to work to and the song is so catchy. Its the type of song that pushes you to get up and dance.

  8. Pink is women power personified. She is so tough and is a great example of being strong and successful. What I like about this song is that its all about how a woman doesn't need a guy to be happy. We can take care of ourselves and aren't here to be treated badly just because we are females.

  9. Such a danceable song. It has this fun drum beat that keeps it upbeat all the time and like the MC Hammer song it pushes you to get up and dance.

  10. I love this girls voice. The song is a bit tragic but it talks about something important. How you are who you are and how break ups are hard. The first one is probably a bit more important than the second one.

Well I hope you enjoyed this playlist and if anyone has any letter request for another playlist like this one, just comment. Enjoy!