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"Heard melodies are sweet , but those unheard are sweeter."
John Keats

Friday, April 30, 2010

Videos to Check Out

Here are two videos that I think are pretty cool. I watch a lot of MTV, which sometimes drives my mom crazy, and when I watch MTV I usually remember songs by their videos. So the two videos I show here today are kind of old but they are really good.

Sum 41 is one of my favorite bands ever. I find that their songs are very catchy and after listening to their songs you become obsessed with them. In Too Deep is a fun video and somehow whenever I listen to the song I feel the urge to go swim. The whole idea of the video is humorous and it can brighten someone who is watching it.

Yes for those of you who didn't know, Shakira had black hair. But even though she has black hair in this really old video you see she could rock any look she wanted. This is one of my favorite Shakira songs because its part of her roots. There is no pop sounds in this song its just a personal beautiful song that wasn't touched by other sounds. This is truly Shakira but like any other artist adapting to new things is essential for that stars survival. Even though her old sound was great, her new sound is still hers.

I hope you liked the videos!