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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Wait Is Over

Playlist Day!! Yes I know I have gotten a bit behind with all the playlist but I have just been reading the Bible a lot ( seriously) and taking care of my academic life. It turns out that after you read the Bible you get this energy that screams “Make a Playlist!” and no I am not making a gospel song playlist, not yet anyway.

1. Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz ft Ludacris
2. Airplanes by B.o.B ft Haley Williams and Eminem
3. Cry For You by September
4. In the Ayer by Flo Rida ft Will. I. Am
5. Prrrum by Cosculluela Ft Wisin & Yandel
6. Desafio by Daddy Yankee ft Don Omar
7. Somebody to Love by Justin Bieber
8. Back Against the Wall by Cage the Elephant
9. Seras Mia by Khriz y Angel
10. Shut Your Eyes by Snow Patrol
11. Party Up by Stubbly
12. Call to Arms by Angel and Airwaves
13. Here We Go Again by Demi Lovato
14. Tied Together With a Smile by Taylor Swift
15. Say What You Need to Say by John Mayer

Yes lots of songs to make it up to you, people who read this blog. So these are all songs that Ive found recently and like 2 that are old.
1. I really enjoy how danceable this song is. The lyrics aren’t very inspiring but at least the guy admits he is a jerk before he leads anyone on. Taio Cruz´s voice is very soft but it gains lots of strength in the chorus which is definitely very catchy. Ludacris as usual is very amusing with his rapping ways.

2. Crazies mix of people ever! But the song is great. It’s the first time Hayley sings outside of her rocky self and Eminem sounds great as usual. I don’t really know who B.o.B is but he has a song in the top 10 of ITunes so I guess he’s gaining lots of popularity. The song is really good and inspiring in a way.

3. I really like September’s voice. I am usually not into electronic music but I guess her music could also be considered pop. I really like the lyrics of this song and how her voice can reach that high note in the chorus that kind of breaks her voice.

4. I am doing a dance to this song with some friends and every time we finish dancing the song is stuck in my head. It’s a fun party song that really gets everyone’s spirits up. Flo Rida´s voice is very capturing when he raps and the fact that the chorus is sung by Will.I.Am definitely lets you know it will be catchy.

5. No I am not perverted but it’s just so catchy. Don’t get any ideas from this song either. I am a female and can tell you for sure we don’t walk around the street and the disco saying prrum like car/cat. The reason I like this song is because it’s catchy. Sure it’s not the cleanest song ever but it’s great for dancing. And Wisin y Yandel are in it which is a major plus.

6. Da-ddy Yan-Kee (he separates his name as an introduction to his songs)! Don Omar and Daddy Yankee in one song is like Superman and Batman working together, you know it will be great. They are two of my favorite reggaeton artist and when they work together it’s like an explosion of creativity has taken over. My favorite part of the song is in 0:31 when he says “se puso a bailar” not exactly because of the lyrics but because of the sound in the background.

7. JB! No one start crying! This is definitely my favorite song by this guy who is older than me (I look older though). Personally I believe it’s hard to take out a song with this title because one of the greatest hits of the world by Queen has the same name. You must have a really good follow up act to be able to name a song after an already existing hit. Sure Queens’s song and this one are very different but now JB brought something new to the table that definitely deserves recognition and not just a comparison to an old hit. This song makes a name for itself.

8. I really like the voice of the singer of this band. It’s one of the songs that you know you will listen to when you are down just to cheer up somehow. I´d describe it as a break out song.

9. I know lots of reggaeton but there are so many cool songs. Khriz y Angel have a gift to create really sweet reggaeton songs or just plain perverted ones. No matter how dirty or clean the song is, it will always be danceable and catchy.

10. This is another band I really have to find more music by. The pace of the song is great to run to in the gym. The lyrics of the song are witty and you have to listen closely to really understand them. It’s all about closing your eyes and escaping for a moment and acknowledging things around you. Sometimes it’s crazy but it’s just plain old fun.

11. I have to admit for being a Disney song this is definitely one of the best rap songs I have heard. The guys got talent and let’s hope he can leave Disney to expand his music carrier. This song is in the soundtrack of the movie “Stars Struck”. No need to judge just because its Disney, trust me it’s a good song just enjoy the music.

12. A close friend of mine showed me this song and I became obsessed over Angels and Airwaves. The singer sounds exactly like the guy from Blink-182. Their music is a bit more relaxed than Blink-182 but maybe that’s just this song.

13. I love Demi Lovato! She is coming to my city for a concert but unfortunately I can’t attend seeing how money doesn’t grow in trees. This song is not her best but I just love how her voice sounds soft in parts but then she takes out her powerful voice and you are stunned. She is definitely one of the most powerful female voices I have ever heard.

14. Not my favorite Swift song but I just love the story behind it. One of Taylor´s friends in high school went through an eating disorder and to give her strength Taylor made her this song. I just love how outer events become songs.

15. This is such a sweet song. I use it to calm down or get pumped inside. I love John´s voice and how soft and gentle it is. He is also has some of the sweetest songs out there. I find it cool that his reputation is based on cute sentimental lyrics and not on nasty ones.

I hope you like this playlist I put together!