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John Keats

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finnaly The Video!!

I posted the preview of the new Shakira Video but I hadnt seen it completly but now that I have I cant wait to blog about it. I hadnt been able to do it untill now do to lots of homework and proyects that are due. So here it is:

I really like how Nadal and Shakira look together. I know it is completly out of the blue but you have to admit they make a very cute couple. To bad Nadal is dating a lady called Xisca and Shakira is engaged to her long time boyfriend Antonio de la Rua. Still the video is really cool and it goes well with the song. I really like that besides Shakira looking all pretty she gives us, her female audience, a male lead we can look at. The video is all about the sparks that fly when Shakira and Nadal are together. The song is also really good but I like the Spanish version better. The video was also filmed in spanish, same video diffrent language. I like how in the video it seems like Nadal is waiting for his gypsy aka Shakira to come along. How he is devoted to her even though she is a nomad that walks all over and can hook up with anyone, he is strong. Oh and obviously it is great that Nadal is so good looking, I mean those shirtless moments are great and when he splashes water in his face and then looks up is amazing.
If you want to tell me about what you think about the video leave a comment!