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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Play This List!

Today I chose some of my Alternative/Rock/Punk songs to make a playlist. Last weeks playlist didn't really have a common thing between the songs. This week all the songs have electric guitar drums and are basically "rocky". Why did I make a Alternative/Rock/Punk playlist? The answer is: I am kind of mad and annoyed.These songs in a way helped me express my anger and frustration after I wasted about half an hour doing something that my work group finally decided not to do. Grrrr. Anyway here's the playlist:

  1. Think Twice by Eve 6

  2. Coffees for Closers by Fall Out Boy
  3. Born For This by Paramore

  4. Kiss Yourself Goodbye by The All-American Rejects

  5. Falling Apart by The All-American Rejects

  6. Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal by All Time Low

  7. Falling Down by Atreyu

  8. Anthem pt.2 by Blink 182
  9. Late at Night by Buffalo Tom

  10. How You Remind Me by Nickleback

  11. The Road I am On by 3 Door Down

  12. Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars

  13. Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes

You may notice some of these songs are calmer than other, but if you ever need a playlist that says I am angry, this is it. This playlist also says I am angry but I am trying to calm down before I hurt my cat ( kicking the cat is part of my defrustrating treatment).

  1. A friend showed me this song last year. I remember I couldn't stop playing it because its the type of song you cant get out of your head. Now if I listen closely I see the song is about an overly obsessed boyfriend who needs to relax and go to an anger management institution. Still its catchy.

  2. This Fall Out Boy album, Folie à Deux, is amazing. Coffee for Closers is another song from this album which uses sasy lyrics to make a connection between the person listening to the song and what the group is trying to express.

  3. Paramore is my favorite band and this song is really good. My favorite part is the chorus because of the lyrics. " Everybody sing like its the last song you will ever sing, Everybody live like its the last day you will ever see" is part of the chorus and I just think that the song is all about knowing what you are supposed to do on Earth while you are on it.

  4. The voice of the lead singer of The All American Rejects is really cool. He can reach these kinda high notes and doesn't do it like he is screaming. In this song his voice sounds amazing.

  5. What I love about this song is the rhythm. It sounds playful yet there is someone talking about a complex relationship and how they will never leave the person. The lyrics are also really good.

  6. Whats funny about this song is that it doesn't sound at all like the title. When you read the name of the song you think: wow that's gonna be one nasty song. Actually it never even mentions the filthy animal of the title. Its about a guy talking about a girl and how she thinks she is better than anyone. No money and no filthy animals involved.

  7. This song is pretty cool. I like the rhythm above all and the lead singers voice is ok but there are times when I just feel he will lose it because of the screams he has to pull of.

  8. The first time I heard this song was in a movie called Stick It. The scene was a rebellious scene and I think of this as a rebel song. It makes me wanna get up and do something kind of drastic, but no too drastic.

  9. This song came out in a T.V show of the 90 s called My So Called Life. The scene when this song plays is so cute. The main characters who are interpreted by Claire Danes and Jared Leto finally get together. Now I just relate this song with romance. If you listen to the lyrics you'll actually notice they are quite romantic too.

  10. I really like the rhythm of this song. The drums are the coolest part. They are pretty much the ones that carry the whole tune of the song and the instrument that really makes this song unique.

  11. 3 Doors Down is such a good band but they are not really known. The people in the band aren't very young so I guess they are less appealing but they're music is really good. You should really check them out.
  12. After My So Called Life, Jared Leto formed this amazing band called 30 Seconds to Mars. The video of this song is pretty neat but it doesn't make any sense. Lots of people in bikes going around a city looking all tough. Anyway the best part is when the camera focuses on Jared Leto and shows of his new hairdo ( after having long hair for the past like 20 years he finally cut it)
  13. This is like the best song to be calm and happy after wasting your time. Its so happy and so positive. Maybe its because the guy is high as a kite, but that's not the point, hes happy and that's what matters. The song is happy and can really help through rough times, still don't do drugs

I hope you enjoy this anger management playlist and find that music is a good way to deal with your issues.