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"Heard melodies are sweet , but those unheard are sweeter."
John Keats

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Typing not Singing: Sugar Mouse by Oh Atoms

If you are a teenage girl you have probably seen a movie called Angus, Thong, and Perfect Snogging. If you haven't please click here to go see it free on YouTube! The movie is hilarious but the music in this movie is also amazing. There are artist like The Stiff Dylans, Lily Allen and today's band Oh Atoms.

Sugar Mouse is a song part of the
soundtrack of the movie and is played at the end with the credits. Its a really sweet song and it has a very romantic message. Still I find the lyrics a bit weird mentioning how a cherry menthol is hiding in someones bedside pocket. After I saw the lyrics I sort of got confused by the songs and now I think it actually talks more about the candy that a person. Weird. Well, it kind of makes a bit of sense now that the song has the word sugar in it. Still doesn't really explain they mean the animal or the type of cake? I guess they really are taking the word sweet for its true meaning applying it to both candy and emotions. I'm listening to the song right now and when the singer says just a quarter of you kind of makes me feel like she is giving us a recipe for something sweet. Anyway get whatever meaning out of the song either if you relate it to candy or true love its all good.

The music of the song is really slow and calm. It enhances the candy/love theme making it so much nicer. Its basically guitar and electric piano that carry the rhythm and then near the end of the song some trumpets jump in to give it some nice ¨trumpety¨ touch.

Check out the song and explain the songs meaning to you in the comment box. Bye