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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Play This List!

Well as you can infer this is a playlist I decided to do on songs that I have become completely obsessed with! Its a mix of Latin, alternative, Pop, Punk Rock, basically a crazy mix of songs. I would describe this list as crazy, fun, moodie and most important varied. Its good to have different likes of music that way you are more open to other things. For example I like almost all music genres (except rancheras) and I find that it really helps to be tolerant of other peoples music tastes. So without further ado here's this Playlist:

  1. Stars and Boulevards by Augustana
  2. Muevelo by Alexis y Fido
  3. First Date by Blink182
  4. In My Head by Jason DeRulo
  5. Cut by Plumb
  6. High and Dry by Radiohead
  7. Breathless( Cover) by Taylor Swift
  8. The (Shipped) Gold Standard by Fall Out Boy
  9. Ayer la Vi by Khriz y Angel
  10. Like a Stone by Audioslave
  11. Amsterdam by Coldplay
  12. Just Like Heaven by The Cure
  13. Tus Ojos No Me Ven by Joey Montana

Funky huh? These songs are really neat and its a good playlist for when your feeling down:)

Here are some fun facts:

  1. If you want to find great songs like Stars and Boulevards create an iTunes account and use genius to recommend you music! This is how I found this song.
  2. Its always funny to me how most reggaeton men are kind ugly and how when they take off their sunglasses its like WOW. They look weird. I am not particularly fond of the lyrics in this song but its just so catchy, even if it talks about butts and their movements.
  3. Now First Date is just funny. The video is also really funny, its the band memebers acting as if they were having their first date wearing these really old outfits and just being crazy.
  4. What I like about this song and the singer is that he does his own music. He is relatively new but has striked out with really good songs. You should really look him up.
  5. The first time I heard Cut, was when I was watching Vampire Diaries. It was a very captivating scene and I think the music choice was excellent. Not to mention that the piano in this song is amazing!
  6. Aah good old Radiohead. I have recently begun listening to their music because my cousin is really into them so she got me hooked. This is a nice soft song that is really calming and cute.
  7. Taylor Swift! This is (for the first time) not one of her own songs. This is the song she did for the Benefit for Haiti. The song is so pretty and she did an amazing job covering it.
  8. The lyrics on this Fall Out Boy song are so good. "I wanna scream I love you from the top of my lungs, but I´m afraid someone else will hear me", is my favorite part. The rhythm of the song also gives a tone to the lyrics that makes them stand out so much.
  9. Only one word: Sweet!
  10. Audioslave is such a good band. What I really like about this song is the rhythm and the fact that the singer has such a cool smooth voice. Its like his vocals are singing strong, powerful, lyrics but in a lullaby tone.
  11. I had a piano concert once and a kid played and sang this song. He was...interesting to watch and painful to hear but Amsterdam definitely has a very sweet piano. Still I don´t recommend singing this song to 8 year olds. You can play, just don't sing.
  12. The lyrics of this song are so pretty. I saw the music video the other day and was freaked out to how much the men from The Cure look just like Edward Scissorhands. Nothing like freaky dark men singing sweet songs.
  13. Joey Montana might share Hannah Montanas last name, but his music is very different. He is a man who actually sings about his feelings. Finally!!

I hope you enjoy this playlist! Please comment!

P.S You can find the playlist on the sidebar. Have fun!