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"Heard melodies are sweet , but those unheard are sweeter."
John Keats

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Original Tuesday:

This is an original song by a girl called Nicole Chittle from Maidson, ON. She writes her own songs and what is really creative about her is that she did a whole series of songs on the Twilight characters. Todays song is about the main character of the book whos name is Edward Cullen. Her son is not sung by an in off narrator like the others but its sungs from Bella´s point of view. Its a song about everything Bella would say about Edward and it really does sound like Bella herself is singing the song (Bella not Kristen Stewart).

I really like the guitar in the song and how it sounds calm just like Bella. The lyrics of the song are definetly the highlight. You could actually get this song and sing it to another person, that is if that person drinks blood and has a stone like nature. It was really creative of her to base an entire song on anothers persons perspective. She demonstrates that walking in another persons shoes is not that hard. Something else that makes this song so appealing is that her voice is strong but she can change it depending what emotion she is trying to get across to her audience.

If you enjoyed this clip you should really check out her other songs. She doesnt only sing about fictioal characters, she also has other original songs not involving these characgers. Click here to go to her channel on YouTube.

I hope you liked todays Original Tuesday!