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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Artists Profile: The Maine

This week I found out about this really cool band called The Maine. Their music is really sweet and it made a big impression on me when I heard them so, I would like to make this post all about The Maine.

The band was formed in Phoenix. Arizona back in 2007 by Ryan Osterman, Alex Ross, bassist Garrett Nickelsen, singer John O'Callaghan and drummer Pat Kirch. The singer of the band was asked to join after he was heard singing while drunk in a party by the drummers brother who is their manager. Their influences include Third Eye Blind, Ivory, Death Cab For Cutie,and The Starting Line. Even the name of the band was chosen from a song by Ivory called "Coast of Maine". Ryan Osterman quit the band to go down his own path in the music business and that later added Jared Monaco as his replacement. Monaco was a childhood friend of O ´Callaghan's. Their most recent album is called "Cant Stop Wont Stop" and they are already launching their deluxe edition of the album which includes a documentary and two bonus tracks.

The current members of the band are the following:

Jhon O´Callaghan (vocals)
Jared Monaco (guitar)
Kennedy Brock(guitar+vocals)
Garret Nickelsen(bass)
Pat Kirch(drums)

Their sound is very alternative and can be described as a '90s radio rock band that turned their sound into a generic but still infectious pop-punk sound.The lyrics are very inspiring. The lead singer has a very soothing voice that goes along great with the melodies and symphonies of the music
To end this post, I would like to post a video of one of the bands songs called "Into Your Arms" I hope you like it and check out the band!