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John Keats

Friday, March 19, 2010

Perfect Playlist: Part 2

As I promised I am back again to give my response to the songs on the Perfect Chemistry playlist. I heard all of the songs and I am ready to review them, just like any other playlist I have done.

  1. So What is a great power up song if you feel pumped. Its great for running too and getting ready to stand your ground. Its rhythm is perfect as well as the lyrics to make you feel unstoppable and prepared for anything.
  2. A song with not much inner meaning but with a great rhythm. Sure everyone strives for attention but this song makes it sound all playful. Lets just say that from personal experience of someone I know striving for attention can be the worst thing you do.
  3. When I heard this song I completely fell in love with it. Its like when you discover a whole new song and get really excited because you completely related to it. Simon Elkels comment on this song is for a part in the book when the two characters cant stop thinking of each other and now that I have heard it I completely agree
  4. What I liked about "My People" was that the singer showed that he was truly proud of his culture and introduces the song in a positive tune but then explains that even though he loves them, there are troubles. The piano that is played throughout the song is also really pretty.
  5. Ah good old Pitbull and Lil Jon! Don't these two guys freak you out? Sure they are great rappers but oh my god are they frightening. Imagine going into a club somewhere and this bald guy and his henchman with a grill in his mouth, come up to you and tell you to go crazy. Frightening. Still the song is really good, well I am not saying it has much meaning to it but its very danceable.
  6. Do you have any idea how long I have been looking for this song? Years! I never knew who sang it or what it was called but I always had the melody kind of stuck in my head. Now that I get to listen to it closely I realize its actually a really sweet song and the singers voice sounds like the singer from Nickleback. This is another song I completely agree would go great in the movie.
  7. Lets just say this is a sweat song that made me all teary eyed. The Fray is a great band and this is another song in which they prove their talent to everyone.
  8. I loved how this song sounded. It sounded romantic but at the same time like the singer is not believing the girl will come that its up to her. As I read the authors comment on this song its completely the same feelings Alex (the character) was feeling as he waited for the girl to make her decision.
  9. Want to here a story? When I was in K5, I was in ballet. Don't ask me why we were dancing this song that is well not really ballet. Now that I think back the choreography wasn't ballet either. MMM. Still my poor ballet skills don't mean this is a bad song, its actually one of the best Santana songs out there. And hello, Rob Thomase´s voice is like so mysterious and goes great with the Latin/rock rhythm.
  10. Not really my style but I guess it goes with the book.
  11. Demi Lovato! I love her voice and how she is actually really talented. You know how all Disney stars have to have albums out? Hers is actually really good and its not like nay other Disney CD. This isn't my favorite song of hers but she sounds amazing.
  12. Now that's what I am talking about! Daddy Yankee, Zion, and Lennox! If you have a Latino character in a book its a must to have some kind of reggaeton as your inspiration. Wow this song is kind of old. Its great and its actually cute (in opposition to other reggaeton songs).
  13. This is like the sweetest song Katy Perry has ever sung. We´ve all had thought about someone who we know we aren't supposed to be thinking about. This song shows that angst of emotions of someone who you feel connected to but disappears in reality and is only alive in our heads. Goes great with the book and is excellent for the emotions Brittany experiences.
  14. I just discovered a new power up song for exercising. This song is very upbeat and I can definitely see it playing in a fight scene in the book.
  15. Enrique Iglesias, that hearthrob. Now if a guy truly wants to dedicate a song to a girl, sung by a man, and does not have the intention of annoying her, Enrique is always the way to go. I don't know if its just that his songs have enough cheesiness to last you a lifetime or its his soft, sexy, voice.
  16. A great song to apologize to someone and complement them at the same time.

If you think this playlist rules, you should really read this book. Its so romantic and once you read it you see how each of the songs might have helped the author through the process of writing such a great novel. Enjoy!