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John Keats

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Woman Playlist

Hi everyone! Continuing with this weeks women's week, I have put together a playlist showing fierce woman in the music business. You can really look up to these woman as representatives of our gender in one of the biggest businesses in the world. Not only are these woman great but they are the top at what they do and unique in their own way.

  1. Me, Myself and I by Beyonce
  2. Fall to Pieces by Avril Lavigne
  3. Las de la intuicion by Shakira
  4. Fearless by Taylor Swift
  5. Work by Ciara and Missy Elliot
  6. Single Ladies by Beyonce
  7. Glamorous by Fergie
  8. Papi te quiero by Ivy Queen
  9. Somebody to Love by Leighton Meester
  10. Hot and Cold by Katy Perry
  11. I Don't Need a Man by The Pussycat Dolls

All these woman are clear examples of how great and talented all woman are. Some songs are empowering while others are in the list to show big stars.

  1. Beyonce is definitely a pioneer in the music world. She is a strong confident woman who stays true to herself and doesn't take things for granted. An example of what a great person she is was when she let Taylor Swift finish her VMA speech after Kanye West interrupted her to praise Beyonce. This song is also an empowering song because it tells females that its OK and that all you need to be happy sometimes is yourself and nothing else.
  2. Avril Lavigne is admirable for her chameleon ways. On her most recent CD, the best Damn thing, she completely transformed herself and took chances by tweaking her sound a bit. She came out triumphant and is one of the best selling artist out there.
  3. Shakira has a big responsibility on her shoulders being one of the most successful Latin Artist out there. This song is really catchy and it says that "las mujeres son las de la intuicion" which means that we do know what to do by instinct.
  4. If you haven't heard of Taylor Swift you are missing out on one of the biggest phenomena out there. Taylor Swift is only 20 and composes all her songs. She has won countless awards and is very successful thanks to her unique sound. This song is also a message because it tells woman that they have to be fearless and not be afraid of taking chances.
  5. In this song we have two great ladies. Ciara is one of the biggest Hip- Hop artists out there and Missy Elliot is a very successful female rapper. They both represent woman in music genres that are only expected for men to follow. Not only that but they are super talented.
  6. I already mentioned Beyonce but this song is all about woman power too. How fierce and powerful we are.
  7. What I like about this song is that through it Fergie shows how she made it into the big leagues but keeps herself grounded. She is also a big breakout female artist, been in The Black Eyed Peas. and being the only lady there.
  8. Ivy Queen is one of the only female artist that sings in the reggaeton genre. She is quite popular and sings clean good songs as well as the standard nasty ones. She is extremely talented and shows how woman can break into a mans world.
  9. Leighton Meesters music carrier is just getting stated but she has been extremely popular because of her acting skills in the hit T.V series Gossip Girl.
  10. Who doesn't know who Katy Perry is? She has one of the greatest voices out there and sings about the craziest topics sometimes. Still she is a grounded artist and has become very successful thanks to her One of the Boys album.
  11. The Pussycat Dolls are total woman power. This song is all about how a woman doesn't need a man to be happy and satisfied.

I hope you enjoy this playlist!