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"Heard melodies are sweet , but those unheard are sweeter."
John Keats

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Play This List!

Today is an original playlist by me. The last one we had was not made by myself but someone else. I'm sorry I haven't done one, its just school was tough the last week and now I am in spring break relaxing. I cant really think of a topic for this playlist so I guess we can just call it a random playlist.

  1. Take It Off by Kesha
  2. Todo Por Ti by Alana
  3. Erase and Rewind by Ashley Tisdale
  4. Tambourine by Eve
  5. Dream On by Aerosmith
  6. Buscando un Final by Ilona
  7. Colgando en tus manos by Carlos Baute ft Marta Sanchez
  8. Id Hate to Be You When People Find Out What This Song is About by Mayday Parade
  9. So Hard by Rihanna
  10. The Anthem (Calabria Remix) by Pitbull and Lil Jon

There is really no specific topic towards this playlist, just fun songs I chose randomly.

  1. I heard this song for the first time this week. Its really good and cool to dance to. Kesha continues again her deep topics, exploring in this song how we turn into animals when we party and "take it off". Ah so deep!
  2. My favorite part of this song is the piano. I had mentioned this band in a previous post and how the girl in it is so amazing. The lyrics of this song are so sweet but at the same time they sound deep because of the rhythm gives the song, making it sound serious yet loving.
  3. This song makes me think of escaping and leaving everything behind. Its a great pump up song when you need to feel better or you are running in the gym.
  4. This is a very addictive song. Once you here it once you cant stop. It is played in the movie Wild Child when Poppy (Emma Roberts) does a dance in the movie. Some friends of mine at school and myself are planning on doing a dance to it to present. Like anyone cares. Still the song is fun and I encourage everyone to dance to it.
  5. This song is so deep. I like the guitar and the singers voice. Ive become obsessed with aerosmith these days, I have no idea why. I look them up in google and I watch videos on them. Do you notice that Steve Tyler's voice sounds different in this song than in say "Just Feel Better"? Maybe its an old recording I don't know.
  6. This song is all about finding your purpose in life and doing what you want. I like how cheerful it is and optimistic.
  7. So cheesy! Still if anyone was to dedicate this song to me, Id probably love it. Don't get me wrong I like the song. I like how there is a female and male voice because if it had been just one voice singing the whole thing, I don't think I would even have it in my iTunes. I like the sound of the two voices and yes I admit the lyrics are sweet.
  8. I found this song recently. I'm really curious about this band and want to find more songs by them. The title makes the song sound so harsh but actually its a sweet song. Why would anyone not want to be the person this song is written about?
  9. Rhianna has transformed. Remember that song "S.O.S"? This is so different. She has really changed in her song topics, maybe it was that whole Chris Brown incident.
  10. The scary men unite! Lil Jon makes me laugh how he says "Lets go ladies" with that tough guy attitude of his. Anyway, this song is fun to dance to and even though the lyrics aren't very pretty the rhythm is great.

I know its not the longest playlist out there but its still full of fun songs. I hope you like it.