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"Heard melodies are sweet , but those unheard are sweeter."
John Keats

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Original Tuesday

This girl is called Tiffany Alvord and she sings pop music. On her YouTube channel she has posted herself singing popular songs just with the guitar accompanying her and not only that but, she also post videos of songs she composes herself. She has been composing since she was 10 years old and the instruments she uses to accompany herself are the guitar and the piano. She has become quite popular thanks to her youtube videos and states that things are starting to happen.

What I like about the song above is that it is based on something very upseting and she manages to make a great song out of it. Her voice is really sweet and the composition on the guitar to acompany her is amazing. I also like that she put herself in the shoes of a person who has a loved one fighting and she doesnt do it in a cheesy untrue way but the total opposite. She makes it realistic and its like you are looking into the soul of someone with a fighting loved one. You should really check out more of her videos!