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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Latin Playlist!

Hello! This week I put up a fun danceable playlist following my anger management playlist of last week. I am a proud latin girl and would like to share with you what we young Latin people like to listen to. Its not that we sit and listen to our grandparents old songs, no we have music that identifies us as the young teenagers we are. Reggaeton is a new form of music that has been taking much control in our culture the past years. Its a genre of music with the same rhythm in the back round and the lyrics can either be pretty or just basic nasty. Even though this genre is new it keeps typical rhythm in it in some songs. Here is the playlist:

  1. Pa Maite by Carlos Vives
  2. Guajira by Yerbabuena
  3. Abusadora by Wisin y Yandel
  4. Gitana by Shakira
  5. Lo Hecho Esta Hecho by Shakira
  6. No Me vuelvo a Enamorar by J Balvin
  7. Excuse Me by Dazoo
  8. El Ritmo No Perdona by Daddy Yankee
  9. Ella Anda Sola by Don Omar
  10. Carmelina by Lucas Arnau
  11. Celos by Zion y Lenox
  12. Te Siento by Wisin y Yandel
  13. Che Mapale by Checo Acosta

Not all the songs here are reggaeton, some are Latin pop and kind of typical music. They are really good songs that have a fun mood.

  1. Pa Maite is by a Colombian artist who sings a genre know as vallenato. This song is cool because it is not the typical vallenato but a mix of vallenato with some pop.
  2. This song is the soundtrack of a very good movie called "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" its a really rhythmic song and what is so cool about it is that at the same time that it has its typical sound it also has rap mixed in.
  3. Wisin and Yandel are so cool! Sometimes their songs are very offensive but this one is not that bad. They are funny because they rime the weirdest words sometimes. This song is fun to dance to and the mix of their voices is really cool because Yandel has a soft voice while Wisin has a tough guy voice.
  4. I fell in love with this song. You might have heard the English version but the Spanish version is my favorite. I also like how the song is a power song about how women are independent and don't need a guy.
  5. The best part of this song is the video. The choreography on the bed is very cool. The lyrics are about accepting your mistakes but the song presents the message in the form of a story line.
  6. I recently heard this song and liked it very much. Basically because there are those moments when a girl is tired of guys. The guy in the song talks about a girl but a girl can so apply this to her life. Its the song for that moment when a guy is the last thing you want to see.
  7. This song is a mix of reggaeton and pop. What I like the most about this song is that there is a female in there. Though if you listen to the lyrics they aren't that clean but the rythm is still fun.
  8. I have an inside joke with a friend with this song. Its just so funny how the song sounds when he is saying " a que te pego, a que te pego", well yeah it isn't very pretty to be told you are going to be hit but still the song is fun to dance to and have inside jokes.
  9. I really like the flute in this song.
  10. Even though the singer only mentions one person in the song it is a global message of romance,
  11. I like how this song begins and then turns into this song about a jealous boyfriend who need to get a life.
  12. I guess this song is like a mix of dirty and romantic. It depends on how you listen to it it might seem more romantic than dirty. Its not excessively dirty just moderate.
  13. One word: Happy.

Hope you enjoy.