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"Heard melodies are sweet , but those unheard are sweeter."
John Keats

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Newly Discovered Band

I watch M.T.V alot. I enjoy their reality shows and when they play music videos they usually play the ones I am interested in. Anyway for about a month now they keep playing this mysterious video that does not have a description box like the rest. You know, those little signs that tell you what the name of the band is and what the name of the song is, this song never has it. Its kind of frustrating to like the song but have no idea how to look for it. So do to my great mind, this morning right after the reality show I watched I was ready to copy the lyrics of the song that way I could google them and finally see who this group was. The plan worked. I now know not only what the name of the song is but I also know what the name of the group is.
I wont tell you the song right now because I am planing on having it as my song of the week but I sure can tell you the name of the band, Alana.

Alana has five official members called Camila Silberstein, Anthony Albert, Tito Domic, Sckott Rocker, and Esteban Domic. I seriously thought they were form Argentina but they are actually from Chile. What really drew me to this band was that I found out that Camila composes the lyrics, the music, and sings. I really admire artist that have that spark of creativity that makes them the true owner of their songs. If you listen to their songs the lyrics and the music are really really good. In a way I look up to her because I also compose (more like try) my own songs. And trust me when I say it is not easy.

I had never heard of this group before and you can tell they are just beginning to gain popularity and being recognized. I really hope they make it as a really popular band because personally I think they are amazing and all the time I spent looking for that song was worth it. I was going to put one of their song below but I am not in a very good computer but I promise I will add it later or you can got to YouTube and type the bands name in. Either way it will be totally worth it.

Here it is: